Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Japanese style "Hamburg" made with a Turkey burger patty and homemade Katsu sauce; Pan fried Zucchini; Vegetable Fried Rice with brown basmati, onion, green onion, garlic, carrot, green beans, salt and pepper.

You can make a low fat "Hamburg" with a pre-made turkey burger patty. Cut the patty in half, then re-shaped each half into a mini-burger. Sear one side on a frying pan and coat the other side with Katsu sauce. When you flip the patty over, coat the seared side with Katsu sauce. When the burger is fully cooked, flip it over again to caramalize the sauce onto the burger.
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  1. Hi Auggy, I found you through Cooking Cute who I found through Just Bento. I've bookmarked you and am re-vamping my blog site to include what I'm into now and that's Bento! Right now I'm scouring the web for links to add. Be seeing you! Judy

  2. Thanks Judy! Packing bento is a lot of fun. Your blogs are great, thanks for sharing!